Yotsubato! Fan Chapter 2 in English!

3 01 2012

Here is another random fan chapter of Yotsubato!. This one is targeted towards the female readers of the manga as it deals with a somewhat “forbidden” relationship. However, male readers are welcome too. I don’t know who the author of this one is. Not to spoil it, the title and the front page explains it all.

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28 01 2012

Hey there! just wondering what was the last chapter released in Japan

29 01 2012

# 76 is the latest chapter released in Japan (October 2011). There was supposed to be a chapter this month, however nothing showed up. It may be delayed until next month.

30 01 2012


Thank you for all the release you did so far for this manga. I’m enjoying it immensely. I was wondering and searching the site for the older chapters/volumes so I could download it but the oldest one I could find only goes back to volume 10. Is there a link where I can download vol 1-9?

30 01 2012

Never mind my last request. I found what I was looking for. ^_^

30 01 2012

Read on-line via http://koiwai.biz/
Download via http://4chan.biz/

Keep in mind that we started our release from the latest file on those web-sites, not because of Veers.

23 02 2012

YaY, new stuff, thanks a lot ;D

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