Yotsubato! is NOT done yet!

14 07 2014

Yotsubato! is still ongoing! The author/mangaka Azuma Kiyohiko-san is taking an extremely long extended break away from writing and drawing to focus on things not directly related with work. Last year, he had been working on finishing the annual Yotsubato! related content such as art for merchandise (e.g. the 2014 calendar), while this year he is and perhaps remains attending various conventions (some that have cosplay), autograph sessions and more at different cities. Not too long ago, he was also potentially looking to hire an assistant, but he doesn’t seem to have found someone to his expectations.

The best way to know whether he has released a new chapter and to understand his life, find related tweets on his Twitter account here or follow this blog and get the update of a translated chapter (again, at the end a month). In case there are some curious souls, the latest issue of Dengeki Daioh does not list a Yotsubato! chapter either.




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