Yotsubato! 92 English

2 06 2016

New beginning… Azuma-sensei screwed up the chapter numbers again, so we’ll go by our own to avoid confusion. Once the next volume is out, the ordering shall be fixed. But keep in mind, the actual chapter 90 was the last of the 13th volume, so 91 onwards is likely going to be volume 14 (and this chapter is part of 14).

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2 06 2016

Oh well, thank you very much for the chapter even with the confusing numbering…

3 06 2016

thank you

3 06 2016

Awesome, thanks a lot 🙂

3 06 2016

You are making the ordering more confusing by skipping a number and getting ahead. It’s just that chapter 91 was released before chapter 90 and it was reflected that way in the publication.

3 06 2016

That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever as Azuma-sensei doesn’t draw the ‘next’ chapters ahead of time – he does it as he goes, hence the long intervals. Nonetheless, as mentioned before since chapter 91, that was released on the 22nd of March, wasn’t included in volume 13, this chapter and others going forward will be a continuation of that. Azuma-sensei will later rename this chapter once the tankouban is out just as he did with volume 13. So, in a way, we are preparing for that.

3 06 2016

Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! 🙂

9 06 2016

Yotsuba’s gonna be a great future athlete or something lol, also that last page-what a beautiful friendship haha XD

10 06 2016
Genjuu Mugon

Thank you once again! I appreciate everything you have done over the years.

4 07 2016
Julius Jacobsen

Why are you releasing the pages as jpegs? There are visible compression artifacts, pngs would be a much better choice (except for color pages of course).

6 07 2016

I’m not doing any such thing. Ralen is; his choice.

7 07 2016

You should probably talk to him about that. This is common knowledge.

13 07 2016
Matar Ahmed

Thank you very much i like this manga

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