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9 01 2017

This shall be the last individual chapter from Ralen posted on this site now that MangaStream has chosen to do this manga as Dengeki Daioh, the magazine where the manga is published, has become on-line exclusive. Compilation volumes with Ralen’s translations shall still be provided once the tankoubans become available/released.

I, alchemist11, the maintainer of this blog shall take a break from manga to get back into anime subbing where I owe the community more Hiatari Ryoukou subs. Many thanks to the fans of Yotsubato! and this blog that have stayed with us since 2010. ~alchemist11

P.S. Wow, has it really been six years? Crikey. Time has flown by so quickly.

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Source: Ib.axypb.net/azu/res/1289.html




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9 01 2017

Thanks a lot for all the chapters!

9 01 2017

Thank you for all of the chapter release since the beginning of the blog. Hope you enjoy your endeavor

9 01 2017

What? Well thank you very much and specially thank you, thank you, thank you for all your work on this wonderful manga, I think now I’ll be waiting for the tanks releases (they will be published here, right?).

10 01 2017


10 01 2017

Really sad to hear that there won’t be individual releases anymore. They always seemed to come at a time when I was having a bad day and needed a little pick me up.

Regardless, thanks for doing what you do and I hope you enjoy anime subbing. I’m sure there are many anime fans out there that will appreciate it.

16 01 2017

Thanks for everything until now. we’ll be looking forward the volume releases. enjoy your subbing

21 01 2017

Hell, time to start reading the crap watermark MS version or check out the Sense-Scans :/ Oh, well. There is always option to wait for whole volumes 🙂
Thank you for all your hard work.

3 02 2017

Thank you for your hard work ❤

I would like to ask if there's any way i can ask for a raw pdf ? I would like to read Yotsubato for practicing Japanese . I know there are some online but I would prefer it be available for offline reading.

ありがとうございます  m(_ _)m

7 02 2017

Manga raw appear online as image files, not pdfs so that is how they are shown online. If you want them as pdf, you can try to convert raw image zip files to pdf via Share if you have access to that or individually batch image files to pdf after saving each on your computer. I would suggest http://raw.senmanga.com/Yotsubato!/ for raws of manga for the latter option.

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