Yotsubato! 95 Part 1 English

2 04 2017

Okay, I lied a bit. I noticed MS isn’t? going to be doing Yotsubato!, so I am going to continue to post more chapters as Ralen is continuing to translate them.

There is a typo in one of the pages, but I won’t bother to fix that. The compilation volume will have the correct page.

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Source: Ib.axypb.net/azu/res/1505.html




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3 04 2017

Gave up on mangastream when i noticed they weren’t releasing 95 even though the last chapter mentioned it’ll be continuing in February. Why would they translate just one chapter then suddenly stop? makes no sense to me

3 04 2017

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, really thank you very much.

8 04 2017

glad to see ya back

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