Yotsubato! 99 (103) English

13 12 2018

Yay! Another new chapter! This chapter is #99 officially (or at least until the next tankouban is available), but I put 103 in brackets to lessen confusion.

[ Download ] [ Read On-line Here! ]

Source: Ib.axypb.net/azu/res/2666




4 responses

13 12 2018

Outstanding, thanks a lot 🙂

15 12 2018

Lol at Yanda trolling Yotsuba more. I’ve never heard of milo (tho looking it up i think i’d still prefer that over banana smoothies [then again i don’t actually like bananas so yeah XD]) Thanks!

17 12 2018

Milo is a really popular drink additive in Asia. It’s equal to Nesquick syrup, except it’s in powder form (longer shelf life). It used to be heavily marketed in India in the late 90s and early 2000s. Coincidentally, both are made by Nestle.

23 12 2018

lol i still use nesquick powder b/c plain milk tastes gross/weird to me XD; sounds like it’d be interesting to try it even if it’d more or less be the same (or some strawberry flavoring too)

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