Yotsubato! 97 English

30 08 2017

Raw didn’t show up until late. I didn’t realise there was a new chapter until a couple days ago.

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Yotsubato! 96 (95 Part 2) English

20 05 2017

Late, I know… Been watching the NBA / 13 Reasons Why / Better Call Saul S3 / Sense8 S2.

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Yotsubato! 95 Part 1 English

2 04 2017

Okay, I lied a bit. I noticed MS isn’t? going to be doing Yotsubato!, so I am going to continue to post more chapters as Ralen is continuing to translate them.

There is a typo in one of the pages, but I won’t bother to fix that. The compilation volume will have the correct page.

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Yotsubato! 94 English

9 01 2017

This shall be the last individual chapter from Ralen posted on this site now that MangaStream has chosen to do this manga as Dengeki Daioh, the magazine where the manga is published, has become on-line exclusive. Compilation volumes with Ralen’s translations shall still be provided once the tankoubans become available/released.

I, alchemist11, the maintainer of this blog shall take a break from manga to get back into anime subbing where I owe the community more Hiatari Ryoukou subs. Many thanks to the fans of Yotsubato! and this blog that have stayed with us since 2010. ~alchemist11

P.S. Wow, has it really been six years? Crikey. Time has flown by so quickly.

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Yotsubato! 93 English

14 09 2016

I knew Azuma-sensei would fix his screw up and I was correct on going with the numbering I stated previously. Too bad MU chapter listing now looks like chapters are missing. Their mods/admins are to blame for that; they like to be Nazis and change the numbers I use! As for the elephant in the room, late because Ralen had other things to take care of.

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Yotsubato! 92 English

2 06 2016

New beginning… Azuma-sensei screwed up the chapter numbers again, so we’ll go by our own to avoid confusion. Once the next volume is out, the ordering shall be fixed. But keep in mind, the actual chapter 90 was the last of the 13th volume, so 91 onwards is likely going to be volume 14 (and this chapter is part of 14).

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Yotsubato! V13 C83-90 English

23 03 2016

Here is the long due compilation of Chapters 83 to 90 from Volume 13. It has the correct ordering of chapters and the same translated content. None of the cover pages, notes or publisher information are included. : [ Download ]