Yotsuba Scans is a distributor of manga content translated by Ralen of the Wakachan Image Board (as of 2016, the Wakachan Image Board no longer exists, but the community have established their own Image Board). Apart from Yotsubato! and Ichigo Marshmallow, Ralen is best known in the community as the person responsible for completing the translation of Chokotto Sister and Watashi no Oniichan. Note: I am NOT Ralen.

Yotsuba Scans nor Anonymous/alchemist11 (the administrator of the blog) take any responsibility or credit for the work put into the translation, it’s accuracy, the quality of the scans or other components in relation to the releases. All artistic drawings and original Japanese text are rightfully owned by their respectful authors and publishers (including the English publishers, if applicable). Unless otherwise stated, the translation, lettering and cleaning (if applicable) of all ‘releases’ available through this web-site are by Ralen. Anonymous/alchemist11 has exchanged conversation with Ralen to re-distribute his translations with links to the respective image boards for discussion.

All ‘releases’ (except the compilation volume batches) can be found on the /azu/ Image Board first, however if you follow the Yotsuba Scans RSS feed/subscription, you can be notified almost simultaneously. Releases are usually up at the end of the month or start of the next month.

If you are a non-English ‘scanlator’, please credit Ralen for the translation, not Yotsuba Scans. Yotsuba Scans is not a ‘scanlator’, but simply a distributor of manga content, similar to /u/ Scanlations and its Saki releases. English groups that wish to make high-quality scans are free to use the translation provided credit is given to Ralen and the respective image board(s), as according to Ralen’s wishes.

Anonymous/alchemist11 will not tolerate any form of abuse, racism, slandering, or words that have a negative tone or offensive meaning – especially in the name of free speech. Thus, it will be discarded as SPAM. Please keep your comments clean and free of defamation, This blog is for the distribution and discussion of the Yotsubato! manga.

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