Yotsubato! 99 (103) English

13 12 2018

Yay! Another new chapter! This chapter is #99 officially (or at least until the next tankouban is available), but I put 103 in brackets to lessen confusion.

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Yotsubato! 98 (102) English

30 08 2018

Yay! New chapter! As mentioned in the previous post, this chapter is #98 officially. Not to be confused with the previous ‘chapter 98’ post, I put 102 in brackets. Going forward this shall be the ordering. I’ll let MU sort out this overly complicated matter by themselves.

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P.S. I’ll fix the chapter ordering in the reader sometime this week.

Yotsubato! V14 C91-97 English

12 05 2018

Two weeks later, here is Volume 14. The fourteenth volume encompasses chapters 91 to 97, but with a few caveats. First off, all of the magazine chapters that have been released by Azuma-sensei since the last chapter of Volume 14 are included in this book.* In other words, we are all caught up. If you solely read the tankouban altogether and not wait for the magazine in its sporadic schedule, then you won’t have to worry about missing anything. Magazine and Tankouban readers are now on the same plane. Secondly, I went out of my way to include some extra new pages and bonus material from the book. They are littered throughout, but the most notable are found in 92 and 94. Like always, the compilation has the correct ordering of chapters and the same translated content (and those extras). None of the insert pages, notes or publisher information are included. The cover page has been included this time around. Enjoy : [ Download ]

*Don’t be surprised if Azuma-sensei or I rename the next chapter #98. It would be technically correct. Azuma-sensei hasn’t come up to or passed his #100 chapters milestone just yet. Why is this the case? Azuma-sensei had decided to combine his ‘part’ chapters together.

Yotsubato! 101 English

4 03 2018

Wenger Out!

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P.S. Volume 14 is out on the 28th of April.

Yotsubato! 100 English

4 02 2018

Eagles Won! F*ck Yeah! Screw Brady!

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Yotsubato! 99 English

10 12 2017

I totally forgot about Yotsubato! (it happens once in a blue moon). Anyway, let us begin into the long journey that awaits us in Volume 15. Reminder, the Japanese tankouban of Volume 14 (likely containing 91-98) is still not out yet. A date of the release has not been published either.

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Yotsubato! 98 English

7 10 2017

Likely the last chapter of Volume 14. As always, a compilation of chapters 91-98 shall be provided once the Japanese tankouban is out.

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