Yotsubato! Compilations Updated.

13 03 2013

I’ve updated the compilation batches of volume 10, 11 and 12 to match the Japanese tankoubans. All three have the correct ordering of chapters and the same translated content. None of the cover pages, notes or publisher information are included. By the time you read this, a new link to the batch of volume 12 should be posted.

Yotsubato! Fan Chapter 2 in English!

3 01 2012

Here is another random fan chapter of Yotsubato!. This one is targeted towards the female readers of the manga as it deals with a somewhat “forbidden” relationship. However, male readers are welcome too. I don’t know who the author of this one is. Not to spoil it, the title and the front page explains it all.

[ Download ]

Yotsubato! Fan Chapter in English!

24 10 2011

A random fan of Yotsubato! on Pixiv decided to make a short fan chapter continued from one of the past Yotsuba chapters. I thought I should share it considering it was originally in Japanese. Both the art and story-writing were well-done and the author-artist, 私有地 (Shiyuuchi), most definitely deserves your gratitude. So check it out.

[ Download ]