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38 responses

20 02 2012
General Panda

Are you no longer scanning this manga?

20 02 2012

We are. But Azuma Kiyohiko hasn’t done anything new.

20 02 2012
General Panda

Thank you then!

26 02 2012

I love Yotsuba. Thanks for scanning and translating 🙂

7 06 2012

Ch77 link invalid. thanks.

1 07 2012

Link to 79 and 79.5 are the same link to chapter 79 ( the short chapter)

1 07 2012


1 07 2012

THANK yots”U”

15 07 2012

yotsuba is serialized in dengeki daioh which is released monthly right?
is that mean there will be a scanlation release every month?
i’m new in reading yotsuba so i don’t really know the scheduled release.

16 07 2012

Yes and no. Yotsuba is supposed to be released every month, however sometimes it isn’t, so it gets pushed to the month after. There really is no release schedule. It all depends on the Dengeki Daioh magazine preview.

17 07 2012

ok, thanks for the answer.
i thought since its published in a monthly magazine, we’ll get a release each month.
i guess that’s somehow explain the different number of pages in each yotsuba’s chapter from 20 to 30+ pages.

28 07 2012

Thx men…great work.

29 07 2012

Gracias muchachos! 🙂

3 10 2012

Thank you so much for the scans and translations! I am very happy that you take time and effort to make this series available. This manga never fails to make me smile 🙂

6 10 2012


21 10 2012

Ch 81 looks to be only half as long as a normal chapter. Story cuts off abruptly, w/o the usual sidebar panel. May I inquire why?

1 11 2012

That is Azuma’s way of doing cliffhangers.

2 11 2012


3 11 2012

Thanks for the release. Please keep up the good work! ^_^

30 12 2012

so I’m assuming chapters 81 and 82 are combined since when I click on c82 download it takes me to 81 part 2.

thank you for all your hard work. This is my favorite manga currently

30 12 2012

81 is still 81. It’s a long chapter that’s divided into parts, prolonged by the author.

20 02 2013
Aris Boch

Thx a million for the scanlations of this magnificent manga, I hope Azuma will soon provide us Yotsuba-thirsty masses with new adventures of our heroine! And an animé would kick ass, too, Azuma is wrong, when he claims, that Yotsubato isn’t suited for animé, there are TONS of slice of life animé out there and tons of good ones, too, when he’d put some effort into it, I’m sure he’d find an animé-studio worthy of our beloved heroine!!

17 03 2013

thank you so much for providing us with these scanlations 🙂

23 03 2013

You guys might want to think about adding an extra zero to the filenames i.e. Yotsubato!_0xx_[CRC].zip. The manga is going to cross the 100 chapters mark soon…

23 03 2013

Soon? Even if Azuma-sensei does a chapter a month, it still won’t reach a hundred and be over a year from now. On the contrary though, there seems to be some signs that the Yotsubato! manga is coming to an end.

5 11 2013

Signs like what? Haven’t heard of that.

13 06 2014

it been a while so, I’m wondering when the next chapter coming out

15 06 2014

I don’t know either. The author was on a tour for the past few weeks and other hobbies that it is uncertain when the next chapter will be out. I try to check at the end of every month to see either the author or the manga listed in the ‘next issue’. It seems he is listed for this month’s issue. Cannot say for certain if there will be a Yotsuba chapter, though.

26 10 2014
waffles (@EarthbenderRise)

Is there a reason you cut out three pages from chapter 48?

17 01 2015

i love this manga so much..thank you for share

26 04 2015

AS ANN says news ch will be out soon

29 06 2015

Do you have Vol 1-9? i cannot find it anywhere. I’m pretty new to this manga and loving it already! Thanks for the works 🙂

2 07 2015

No. I don’t. I would suggest buying or renting the official books for those volumes.

15 08 2015

Thanks as always. Do you guys use tank scans for chapters 63-82?

16 08 2015

Yes and no. Almost everything is from the magazine, Dengeki Daioh. Only the extra content (which are in their respective compilation volumes) are from the actual books. These were translated days after the Japanese versions. Ralen doesn’t redo anything using the books because we support the official books from Yen Press.

12 05 2018
Yotsubato! V14 C91-97 English | Yotsuba Scans

[…] or publisher information are included. The cover page has been included this time around. Enjoy : [ Download […]

26 05 2018

Thanks for these

16 06 2018

Ahhhhh I found and re-read my old volumes 1-12 and I’m sad we’re in 2018 and only we have two more volumes…. this is such a wonderfully endearing series. Thanks so much for translating, really appreciate your work!

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